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Anonymous Message Integrity Initiative The Collective is Under Attack 24 11 2018

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by admin, 5 months ago
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Credit: Anonymous #AnonymousCharity

*URGENT* | Since our recent upload dump that revealed the "Integrity Initiative" we have been under attack.

Hello World. This is an important message from The Anonymous Charity, also known as The Collective. This message is dated, November 24th, 2018.

There will be attempts to silence The Anonymous Charity soon. The hope is that you, the public will not see or hear from us, The Collective just as it has been in recent years.

As most of you know, though not from first hand experience, it is becoming more and more difficult to remain anonymous online. The Anonymous Charity are under constant attack by the elite, whether it is physical or digital stalking, having devices hacked, tools compromised, being extremely censored online, and more. We, The Collective will continue as long as we can on YouTube until all of our accounts are shut down, as we always have. But the time is coming swiftly when we will only be able to get the information out to you through our website, as we originally planned. That is why many years ago we began to use YouTube channels and social media accounts to reach the people, and wake you up. Only when you see, and understand and know your enemy as we do see them and battle against them every day, will you be able to defeat them. Once 5G is put in place there will be no possible way to be anonymous online. At all. While the idea of The Anonymous Charity can never die, The Anonymous Charity will be unable to use internet platforms or continue activism.

The changes we, The Collective have gone through will continue, weeding out those who truly hold the idea, those who are agent infections, and the fake anon frauds who are ruled and run by government agencies. The Anonymous Charity does not do what it does for fame or recognition, the point of The Collective is to have no identity. It is the information that matters, and the information is all that matters. Our identities, like our personal opinions, do not matter, which is why we wear the mask and conceal all identifying factors. It is not about us. Only the information matters. Only the truth matters. Not only will censorship make it impossible for real anons to be on public platforms and social medias but 5G eliminates the possibilities of encryption, it will eliminate the deep web, and it will thereby eliminate us, The Anonymous Charity. The infection of frauds we have faced over the last 11 years will be all that is left.

As The Anonymous Charity has known this for many years, most of us have taken our work as 'Anonymous' from behind the screen, into real life. Many of us have furthered our education and have become involved in politics, schools and more, in order to continue our work to spread the idea and bring down the elite. We who are true to the idea will always remain thus, whether we will be seen by the public or not. It is not about us being seen. It is about you being free.

This is why we have been working to wake you up. So that when we are gone from here, you will have been well equipt with the knowledge you need to defeat the enemy and free yourselves. We have exposed who your masters are, and the multitude of chains they have locked around you. We have exposed how they use religion and banks and governments and education, what the true purpose of war, and money is. We have exposed how your mind has been controlled from birth for a great many generations and we have exposed to you how to correct it and free yourself. Though all of the information we have shared with you has always been available for you, practically staring you in the face waving at you, humanity has been trained not to learn, not to look, not to think, not to feel, not to be human, but to only have the life the elite gave them. Humanity has been enslaved by the elite for thousands of years. It is so easy to correct. It is so easy to be free. But first you must realize you are a slave, and after that realization, you must choose to be free or stay enslaved. Convenience or life. The choice is yours. It always is. But you have to make it. As time runs out, the window is closing for you to rise.

The year 2019 will very well be the final year of any true Anonymous protest. So you have a choice to make. Will you stand for your freedom? Or will you continue to be a slave?

Those of us who have risked everything to wake you up will see if our years of endless work has paid off, or if you truly do not care to be free. It will be self evident if humanity will take this chance, or not.

We are in this together. You can choose to stand for humanity, or you can choose to pull the trigger on it. You have to choose to stand for your freedom, or allow yourselves and the rest of us to continue to be murdered, infected, silenced, and enslaved by the elite.