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Quixey Makes Sense Now

From the Slope of Hope blog: The main drag here in Palo Alto is University Avenue, which is lined with pricey restaurants and retail. One city to the south of us, Mountain View, has their own main drag, and it's called Castro Street (not to be confused with the gay mecca in San Francisco, half an hour's drive north).

I've walked Castro many times (again, let's not confuse the two), and I would often pass a very nice building which was neither a restaurant nor a retail store; on the front was a large sign, QUIXEY, and inside the building were dozens of young engineers, all of whom I'm certain were earning great six-figure salaries, working away at their keyboards. Beneath the "Quixey" name was the tag line: "The Search Engine for Apps"


Now this didn't make a great deal of sense to me. Why would anyone need a search engine for apps? I mean, if I needed to search for an app, I'd go off and do something crazy like this:


You a search. Quixey bragged, "The technology allowed users to search across multiple platforms, eliminating the need for multiple

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