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Ken Roth the US Deep State Destablization Outreach Agent

21st Century Wire says…

Few organisations have underpinned the Western anti-Syrian government and Syrian Arab Army demonisation campaign as consistently as Human Rights Watch and its “morally indignant” Director, Ken Roth. Throughout the US coalition dirty war that has ravaged Syria for the last seven years, injecting a multitude of monstrous terrorist entities into Syrian territory, Roth has systematically sustained the faux-humanitarian propaganda. 

“HRW, Amnesty International and assorted Humanitarian offshoots are on a ceaseless crusade against the SAA use of barrel bombs.  Today, Ken Roth even compared the use of Barrel bombs to the destruction caused by the nuclear bomb used on Hiroshima whilst failing to mention that the Israeli bombardment of Gaza in 2014 can very credibly be compared to Hiroshima in its destructiveness and tonnage of explosive dropped on innocent civilians in the besieged & battered enclave.” ~ Vanessa Beeley “Syria Welcome to Hell” Further deconstruction of the “Barrel Bomb” phenomenon can be found here: Consign Barrel Bombs to the Propaganda Graveyard. The following is taken from YallaLaBarra’s blog: “The executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, has allowed his obsession with Syrian President

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