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Pure Propaganda: White Helmets Stage Video of ‘Rescuing’ Babies for Western Media

Latest White Helmets video production end with ‘first responder’ dumping another dusty baby on an ambulance gurney for a photo-op (Source: NBC News) This last week has been productive for the White Helmets, having expanded their their studio lot from Idlib, down to terrorist-occupied suburb of East Ghouta, Damascus, with both sites running the same familiar story-boarded scenes and production values.
It’s become all-too predictable: the same scripting and camera shots, all feeding into the same western mainstream media treatment of a made-to-order ‘civil war’ narrative, designed to elicit an emotional response from western viewers and to further reinforce the western humanitarian crisis mythology, in the hope of engineering a western imperative to escalate its intervention against the Syrian government. This latest report released by Reuters/NBC News contains some incredibly misleading propaganda, with the headline,
“Russia intensifies bombing of Syria’s Idlib after rebels down jet, killing pilot,” making this alleged incident seem like wanton revenge on the part of the evil Russians.
“Civil defense sources said air raids struck the towns of Kafr Nubl and Maasran, as well as the cities of Saraqeb, Maarat al Numan and Idlib, and

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