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Blain: "Here's Why This Gets Worse Before It Gets Better"

makeAhistory.comSubmitted by Bill Blain of Mint Partners

Wobble continues. Does a Correction morph into a Crash? "They would never evolve. They shouldn’t have survived.…. Evolution was something that happened to other species..” Not looking like a positive morning out there. Stocks are down 10% - so officially it’s a correction! Markets are still wobbling. Folk who thought they’d survived Monday’s carnage intact are new beginning to wonder if they should press the panic-button, or pull the dump-lever just in case this gets worse and liquidity dries up. The US has managed to shut itself down again. Our best hope at the Winter Olympics has broken her heel. If this all feels sickeningly familiar – Welcome to 2008 Part 2. Market wobbles, you heave a sigh of relief, and then it pukes massively all over you. Early this morning it was raining. A storm is coming. And I must have dropped my wallet after paying for a Taxi early this morning. My gut feel – based on active participation in every single market Donnybrook/Stamash since 1987 - is this gets worse before it gets better.

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