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Home Depot Founder: Billionaire-Bashing Bernie Sanders "Is The Antichrist"

To say Bernie Sanders talks about billionaires often would be a significant understatement. In fact, Bernie talks about billionaires incessantly...

In Bernie Sanders’ socialist view, “the billionaire class” is the greatest threat facing the world.

And therefore, as's John Sexton writes, given his hostility to them, it’s probably not a surprise that billionaires are not fond of Bernie. Yesterday, Peggy Noonan interviewed Home Depot founder Ken Langone who had some choice words for Sanders:

Ken Langone, 82, investor, philanthropist and founder of Home Depot , has written an autobiography that actually conveys the excitement of business - of starting an enterprise that creates a job that creates a family, of the joy of the deal and the place of imagination in the making of a career. Its hokey and ebullient name is “I Love Capitalism” which I think makes his stand clear.

Why did he write it? I asked him by phone. He wanted to show gratitude, to inspire the young - “If I can make it, everyone can!” - and he wanted young voters to understand socialism is not the way.

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