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Latest US Senate ‘Social Media’ Hearing A Colossal Schoolyard Charade

21st Century Wire says…

Can you believe this train wreck of ‘legislative oversight,’ tweets, likes and emojis? Are taxpayers actually funding this elaborate, neverending charade?

Make up your own caption: ‘Yes Senator, I wore my best beard and nose ring today.’

It’s not enough that these social media giants have prostrated themselves and become willing dongles to the government. Now, their milktoast executive leaders must fly to Washington and sit through a monotonous receiving line of questions from fanboy and fangirl politicians looking to get social media mentions in the ‘fight against Russia.’ Incredible.

Tom ‘Tough Guy’ Cotton

It’s embarrassing and shameful to watch U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) grandstand like a first class fascist, as he attempts to ‘lean in’ on Facebook and Twitter and openly advocate for censorship, and the closure of Wikileaks.

In response to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s weak lament about ’24/7 global surveillance’, NeoHawk Cotton had this to say:

“Is Twitter an American company? … Do you prefer to see America remain the world’s dominant global superpower?”

What on earth are you talking about senator? This

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