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Tiny Pods For Poor People Sparks Outrage In Spain

A Barcelona company announced that it is constructing an apartment complex that will house tiny pods spread over a small space, but city officials have said the builder will not be issued a license for the project — calling the tiny accommodation unfit for humans.

Haibu 4.0, the architecture firm behind the project, wants to build tiny pods where low-income workers would live side-by-side like bees in a hive for about 200 euros ($232) a month. The inspiration for the project stems from hotels in Japan, where tourist sleep in pods that contain only a bed and television (jail cells were probably also a muse for the project).

The company stands behind the project, indicating it is a solution to the affordable housing crisis in the Mediterranean city. Barcelona city hall officials have already declined to issue a license for the project, citing that the project’s surface area is too small and says overcrowding is illegal.

“Fortunately piling up people is prohibited. The law does not allow this type of dwelling,” Barcelona mayor Ada Colau, a former housing and anti-eviction activist, told reporters on Thursday.

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