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"Even Diapers Are Scarce": Iran's Rial Plummets To Record Low Amid Economic Carnage

An on the ground report by the Associated Press details the disastrous effects of the Iranian rial's continuing slide as it hit a record low starting Wednesday: residents in Tehran are frantically lining up outside money changing offices, diapers and many basic staples have disappeared from store shelves, and hard currency only is being demanded even to book an airline ticket. 

The rial has this week plummeted 140 percent since the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal a mere four months ago in May.

Local and international reports indicate that on Wednesday the national currency began trading at over 150,000 rials to $1USD in the currency exchange shops of Tehran.

Image source: TIMA via Al Monitor

As the AP reports, "Those who went to work at the start of the Iranian week on Saturday saw their money shed a quarter of its value by the time they left the office on Wednesday." There's a sense of nervousness and panic in the air according to the report, with a rush to find black market money changers on the streets, even though state media has yet

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