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Culture Wars: Girl Scouts to Sue Boy Scouts Over Its New ‘Gender Inclusive’ Initiative

According to Reuters, The Girl Scouts of America organization has now filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America, after the Boy Scouts decided to drop “Boy” and start admitting girls under its new ‘gender inclusive’ policy.

The lawsuit was filed in a Manhattan Federal Court and is an attempt by the Girl Scouts, founded in 1912, to head-off the Boy Scouts, founded two years earlier, from destroying its founding concept and brand.

With their marketing tagline ‘Scout Me In’, the Boy Scouts said in October 2017 they would admit girls starting in 2019 under a new re-branded name, “Scouts BSA.” The Girls Scouts are accusing the Boy Scouts of trying to create a monopoly over the term ‘scout’ and scouting-related youth activities.

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