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Yes Yes No: Why The History Of Marriage Equality Must Be Told Accurately

makeAhistory.comA recent book, Yes Yes Yes, on the marriage equality debate on Australia erases the past, and fails to spell out the dangers for the future. Founder and national director of Australian Marriage Equality Rodney Croome explains.

“The means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.”
– Martin Luther King Jnr

The new marriage equality book by Alex Greenwich and Shirleene Robinson could have been a valuable history of a great Australian social movement. Instead, it is an unsuccessful attempt to vindicate the Equality Campaign’s approach in the last two highly-contested years of the marriage equality campaign.

The details of hundreds of meetings and motions, rallies and rivalries, phone conferences and plane flights give the impression the book is comprehensive. The immense number of people mentioned gives the impression it is inclusive. But in fact, the book obscures more than it reveals, glosses more than it explains.

The avalanche of little facts diverts the reader’s attention from important questions, themes and ideas the authors don’t want to deal with.


Credit where it is due

The first thing anyone with a passing knowledge of the marriage equality campaign will

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