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Is Coal Seam Gas Contaminating The Meat You Eat?

makeAhistory.comThe effects of coal seam gas mining on land and water are already well known. But what is it doing to our meat? Gemma Clarke reports.

When livestock producer Debbie Nulty went on local radio to discuss her fears about contamination in food-growing regions where coal and gas activities take place, she was met with apprehension. “I got a call from an industry representative,” she tells me. “He said, ‘Were you on the radio the other day? Do you realise what you’re saying could destroy an industry?’”

“You mean the gas industry?” I ask.

It’s a Tuesday night in Chinchilla, Queensland, and I’m sitting with Debbie in a function room at the local pub.

The venue has been booked by the Cameby Concerned Citizens Group, made up of people affected by coal seam gas (CSG) mining in South West Queensland. Debbie – who lives on a property in Australia’s South East – is there to discuss the potential risks to her livelihood posed by gas operations.

“No,” she replies, “the meat industry.”


Industry vs. Industry

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