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Five Heavily Armed Suspected US Mercenaries Arrested In Haiti Amidst Unrest

A bizarre story has emerged out of the mass anti-government protests and unrest that have engulfed Haiti for nearly two weeks. Five heavily armed Americans have been arrested and are being detained by the Haitian government, according to Haiti's Foreign Minister Bocchit Edmond.

They were caught in possession of automatic weapons, pistols, satellite phones, and drones according to a CNN after police pulled over their vehicles for not having valid license plates. Among the group were three others, including two other foreign nationals — a Serbian and Russian  and one Haitian. Crucially the names released by local Haitian reports indicate all of the Americans have US military and special forces backgrounds, and appear to be career private security contractors Some of the weapons in possession of the Americans photographed and released by Haitian police.  The strange circumstances of heavily armed Americans traveling through a nation in political turmoil after the US State Department last week issued a US travel ban and non-emergency personnel evacuation have led some reports to speculate that they could be part of a mercenary group hired to quell protests. Indeed, according to

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