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Chicago's Cook County Votes To Dismantle 'Racist' Gang Database

Officials in the Democratic stronghold of Chicago's Cook County, Illinois voted on Thursday to completely dismantle their database of more than 25,000 known or suspected gang members, according to the Chicago Sun Times

The reason? The database is racist and inaccurate, according to opponents, as most of the people linked to gangs are black and Hispanic (meanwhile most victims and killers in Chicago are black males aged between 15 and 35, often with gang affiliations). 


"The terms ‘gang association’ or ‘gang membership’ have become a form of criminalizing mostly young people of color," said county Commissioner Alma Anaya - chief sponsor of the measure. "The passage of the ordinance will be a major step forward for Cook County. We will serve as a national model." 

While the Cook County Regional Gang Intelligence Database (RGID) is considered more accurate than the Chicago PD's gang database since it collects information from inmates at Cook County Jail "who openly self-identify if they are gang affiliated during the intake process to prevent ending locked up with gang rivals," RGID has come under fire after more

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