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OPCW Douma Report Indicates US, UK, France May Have Attacked Syria on False Pretext

Iain Davis
21st Century Wire

The United Nations’ Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) recently released their report into the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, in the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR.) Despite having the mandate to apportion blame, the OPCW did not. Which is understandable given the evidence uncovered by their investigation. You can read a full précis of the report at the end of this article. I suggest those interested check the précis against the full report to verify my interpretation of the various OPCW statements.

The OPCW Douma Findings

Following the alleged attack, the Western mainstream media (MSM) was full of reports about the supposed atrocity. The Guardian wrote ‘Assad’s Crime: The World’s Responsibility.’ The Times ran with the headline the ‘Evidence Shows Syria Attacked Own People With Chemical Weapon.’ The New York Times wrote ‘One Building, One Bomb: How Assad Gassed His Own People.’

In fact the BBC, CNN, Fox, Ch4, ITV, all the print and online MSM, were all of one, single, cohesive voice. They all categorically blamed the ‘Assad regime’ (the democratically elected government of the

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