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Aboriginal Territorians Need Better Housing, Not More Bureaucracy And Indecision

makeAhistory.comA long-standing promise to provide a billion dollar boost to housing for Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory appears to have gone nowhere, writes Walter Shaw.

While Governments at all levels squabble about who should get money for Indigenous housing Aboriginal people are still left out in the cold – and the heat.

The Federal Government agreed in April last year to give the Northern Territory $550 million over five years for remote housing – funding the NT Government committed to match as an election commitment in 2016.

The Governments have since been fighting over who gets the money. But yet again its Aboriginal people who are paying the price.

It should be noted that it’s unclear if any of this money would come to any of the Town Camps.

Traditionally Town Camps housing works have been funded out of the remote housing bucket but we don’t know if this is what will happen with the $1.1 billion.

The 2017 NT Government Review of Town Camps estimated about $250 million was needed to bring housing up to standard across 43 Town Camps across the NT.

Where is the commitment to the money that

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