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The "Secret" Reason Trump Is Ready To Fold And Cut A China Trade Deal

makeAhistory.comRobert Lighthizer and his band of "China hawks" have made no secret of their unhappiness with President Trump's insistence that they deliver a trade deal with China, even if it means compromising on demands for structural economic reforms, intellectual property protections, market access and enforcement. As one Twitter wit pointed out, "they're not even pretending anymore" (the timing of Trump's tariff deadline delay, which came just 20 minutes before futures opened, left little room for doubt):

Of course, the president's "motivation" had become all too clear, both to his subordinates and the investing public: Trump believes a deal with China is the only thing standing between the S&P 500 and 3,000. But just in case you missed the first report (or the first four reports) about the motive behind why US and Chinese negotiators are reportedly scrambling to hash out a deal that Trump and Xi can endorse during a meeting later this month, Bloomberg is

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