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Key Events This Week: "Enough To Keep Investors On Their Toes"

makeAhistory.comDespite a slow start to the week, which sees most European markets closed on Monday, there should still be "enough to keep investors on their toes", according to Deutsche Bank's Craig Nicol. First and foremost, earnings season ramps up in the US with over 150 S&P 500 companies reporting including bellwether industrial and tech names in what is set to be the busiest earnings week this season, then Japan's Abe meets President Trump at the White House, UK parliament returns from recess and Russia's Putin meets China's Xi Jinping. We'll also have central bank decisions from the BoJ, BoC and Riksbank, while the data highlight is US Q1 GDP.

Starting with politics, UK parliament returns from Easter recess on Tuesday which, after a welcome quiet 10 days or so, brings with it the possibility of a reinvigorated barrage of Brexit headlines. The bigger headlines potentially lie on Friday though when Russian President Putin travels to Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, continuing into the weekend, and on the same day Japanese PM Abe meeting with President Trump at the White House. The discussions between the latter are likely to center around trade and North

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