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Samsung Cancels 'Galaxy Fold' Launch Events After Reviewers Report Defects

Though Samsung tried to brush it off as a miscommunication on its packaging, reports from a handful of reviewers that the handset maker's $2,000 "foldable" smartphone, the "Galaxy Fold", broke within days of activation have clearly shaken the smartphone maker, which is still reeling from its botched 2016 rollout of the "Galaxy 7".

As a result, the company has cancelled its launch events which had been set for this week in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Samsung didn't give a reason for postponing the events, according to FT.


Samsung unveiled its 'iPhone Killer' back in February, hoping to establish itself as a pioneer in the advent of smartphones that 'fold' out into tablets. The product has been widely anticipated, and the company had hoped it would reignite its weakening smartphone sales.

Some reviewers reported a blank screen, nail marks that never disappeared and strange bulges that appeared to be caused by a broken hinge. The company warned that some of these malfunctions appeared to have been caused by the removal of a top layer screen protector that was intended to be a permanent part of the phone.

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