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Sri Lanka Easter Attacks: Saudi State-Sponsored Extremism Strikes Again

makeAhistory.comThe world recoiled in horror this weekend at the news coming out of Sri Lanka. Multiple explosions at churches and hotels have resulted in 200 dead and over 500 people injured.  Sri Lanka’s Christians were celebrating Easter when tragedy stuck the beautiful Island. While the Sri Lankan government has put curbs on social media, reports indicate that the attack was the handiwork of Wahhabi Salafi terrorists who have returned from fighting in Syria.  These reports are as of yet unconfirmed, but they are in keeping with the modus operandi of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi terrorism worldwide. There are currently two reactions to the Sri Lankan tragedy, and both are dishonest narratives made by the willfully obtuse.  One reaction is the typical wishy-washy narrative that always accompanies these kinds of atrocities. The focus is to dilute and obfuscate the identity of both the victims and the perpetrators and ensure that we remain stuck in the same cycle of violence. The second type of reaction shares the same goal of perpetuating misery. It is based on sweeping generalizations and unmitigated hatred against religion, specifically Islam.

Both these reactions are obfuscations that serve and protect Saudi sponsorship of Salafi Wahhabi

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