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Old Creepy Ads gallery + What Makes A Great Ad?

cripp000Some very bizarre vintage ads that were acceptable in the past but looks really strange today because our value system has changed over the years. Take a look at these weird ads.  Vintage ads were always a method to inspire us and let us see how the old designers were thinking in. In this post, I will explore with you some of the amazing vintage ads along with the creative direction available with each one.


What Makes A Great Ad?

1. We all like surprises.
Can you state an ordinary message in an unusual way? Not comedy, but differently. Commercials done this way are the ones we talk about at work the next day.

2. Keep It Simple.
Don't let the design overpower the message. The idea is the most important part of the message.

3. Get me involved.
Shock me, make me mad, make me happy, make me cry, but don't bore me and leave me cold.

4. Make me curious.
Isn't the real purpose of an ad to make me want more information? Grab my attention and hold it.

5. Great ads command answers.
They demand that you respond to the ad. They are like an unanswered question that must be resolved.

6. Draw your own conclusion.
Isn't the strongest conclusion the one we draw ourselves? An ad that brings me to a conclusion is powerful indeed.

7. The headline and the image tell the story.
The headline should never tell you what is in the picture. Only what you don't see. The headline and picture together create the story.

8. They never brag.
Yellowstone Harley-Davidson® in Belgrade, Montana, population 3,000-4,000, has a billboard on the edge of town proclaiming, "The largest Harley-Davidson® dealer in Belgrade!" They are not only the largest, and only dealer in Belgrade, they are the only dealer in over a hundred miles. Just a fact, not a brag.

9. They're always well executed.
They have good design that doesn't overpower the message. They have sharp photos, good typefaces, etc.

10. They Sell.
An ad can look great and still not sell anything.In advertising, what you say is as important as how you say it.What good is an ad that wins award after award if it doesn't sell?







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