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Marijuana Screws Up Mind control programing

704On May 7, 1966 a 9 year old child named Cathy O'Brien was subjected to an occult ritual named "The Rite to Remain Silent". This is her own very shocking and eye-opening life story about her experience as a CIA MK-Ultra Whitehouse Pentagon level trauma-based Mind Control slave. She speaks out to expose those who abused, who go right up to presidents and congressmen and women and to give voice to the many mind control victims out there who can't think to speak out. O'Brien claims to have been abused since she was a toddler by her own family. Forced to partake in satanic sadomasochistic child pornography movies produced for Gerald Ford, she was eventually sold to the CIA, which was looking for traumatized children for their mind-control program ...

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Young Beijing Architect Lives in Mobile Egg House on Sidewalk

eggDai Haifei, 24, a newly graduated architect, decided to make his own egg-style home after being unable to afford Beijing’s sky-high rental prices. The two-meter high house with two wheels underneath is made from sack bags on the outside wall, bamboo splints on the inside and wood chippings and grass seeds in between. “The seeds will grow in the natural environment and it’s cold-proof," Dai explained.

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The Brazen Bull & other Most Painful Execution Techniques

008Certain crimes in certain countries carry guaranteed death sentences. That doesn’t mean the sentence will come quickly or be anywhere near enjoyable. Some methods are so heinous – and so excruciatingly painful – that they have made the toughest men scream (and plead, and cry, and cower) like little girls. Here are some techniques… pulled from the history books… some of which might just give you nightmares.

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Caboodle Ranch Cat Shelter for Homeless Cats

Craig Grant bought a tree farm far away from the city and turned it into a sanctuary for all the cats he has rescued. He lives there with the cats and provides lots of love, care and companionship. It’s hard to imagine that once he was not a cat lover and did not want cats until he met his son’s cat Pepper. He also got to experience what it is like raising a litter of kittens.

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The Telepathic War with the Aliens + How to make an anti-alian-abducting helmet

010Throughout the history of the human race, wars were fought with bigger and better weapons. Muskets replaced bows and arrows, automatic rifles replaced single action ones, rockets replaced cannons, aircraft carriers replaced battleships, ballistic missiles replaced bombers, jet interceptors replaced propeller driven fighters. Weapons got more accurate, faster, with greater ranges of action and greater explosive power. In all of the wars until now, technology and numerical superiority determined victory. Superior technology, tactics and numerical strength were the key elements in warfare. All wars fought until now were "technology wars." Wars were technological superiority were decisive. Since we are being invaded by an alien force from another world, we have a different kind of war. Our war with these beings is one of mind control, mind scan, and telepathic control, as reported by Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and Raymond Fowler.

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AquaDom - AQUARIUM ELEVATOR - Largest aquarium in the world

x003The Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin (Germany), which is situated on the River Spree, directly across from the Berlin Cathedral, appears from the exterior to be just another ordinary luxury hotel. Once you enter the hotel, nothing prepares you for the sight of the giant cylindrical Aquarium towering 25m (82 feet) smack in the center of the lobby.

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The world's tallest tent has opened to the public in Kazakhstan

x005Designed by the British architects Foster & Partners, the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre in the capital Astana is 150m (490ft) high. It opens on the day the city celebrates 13 years as the capital and President Nursultan Nazarbayev his 70th birthday. The centre has a huge indoor leisure park, designed to be protected from the region's harsh climate.

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Island of Ghosts: Hashima Island - Japan’s rotting metropolis

x0066Hashima, an island located in Nagasaki Bay, is better known as Warship Island (Gunkanshima). The island was inhabited until the end of the 19th century, when it was discovered that the ground below it held tons of coal. The island soon became a center of a major mining complex owned by Mitsubishi Corporation. As the complex expanded, rock brought out of the shafts was used to artificially expand the island. Seawalls created in this expansion turned Hashima into the monstrous looking Gunkanshima; its artificial appearance makes it looks more like a battleship than an island.

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Musician Plays Violin as Surgeons Operate on His Brain

x010Roger Frisch of Plymouth, Minn., lay on the operating table with his hands clutching his violin to his chin. While surgeons operated on Frisch's brain, Frisch began to play the chords he's known for more than 30 years.  It seemed like a scene from a science fiction movie. But every note he played told the surgeons whether the electronic pulses they were sending to his brain worked to ease his body's tremors.

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Marijuana's role in creating a new kind of cuisine

x021The piece explains how marijuana is inspiring chefs and restaurants to create a new kind of cuisine, making its claim after interviewing "a handful of chefs [who] are unabashedly open about marijuana's role in their creative and recreational lives and its effect on their restaurants.

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