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The CIA and the Nazis - Declassified archives document ties between CIA and Nazis - Where Is Hitler?!

yy018The US national archives released some 27,000 pages of secret records documenting the CIA’s Cold War relations with former German Nazi Party members and officials. The files reveal numerous cases of German Nazis, some clearly guilty of war crimes, receiving funds, weapons and employment from the CIA. They also demonstrate that US intelligence agencies deliberately refrained from disclosing information about the whereabouts of Adolf Eichmann in order to protect Washington’s allies in the post-war West German government headed by Christian Democratic leader Konrad Adenauer. Eichmann, who had sent millions to their deaths while coordinating the Nazis’ “final solution” campaign to exterminate European Jewry, went into hiding in Buenos Aires after the fall of the Third Reich.

Utilizing friendly contacts in the Catholic Church and the Peron government in Argentina, Eichmann was able to reside in the South American country for 10 years under the alias of Ricardo Klement. He was abducted in 1960 by Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, put on trial in Israel and executed in 1962. The documents show that the CIA was in possession of Eichmann’s pseudonym two years before the Mossad raid. The CIA received this information in 1958 from the West German government, which learned of Eichmann’s alias in 1952. Both the CIA and the Bonn government chose not to disclose this information to Israel because they were concerned that Eichmann might reveal the identities of Nazi war criminals holding high office in the West German government, particularly Adenauer’s national security adviser Hans Globke.

Six months after Allied Forces liberated German concentration camps, a military tribunal formed at Nuremberg to prosecute Nazi war criminals. Some of the most dangerous were brought to justice--but not all. Over 4,000 former Nazis went to work for the U.S. government, without the public's knowledge, to help fight the Soviet Union. Reinhard Gehlen, an intelligence officer for Hitler's General Staff, was tapped to head the U.S. intelligence program in West Germany to spy on the Russians. At the same time, former Nazi scientists and engineers were welcomed onto American soil. In 1998, a bill was finally signed into law that mandated declassification of documents concerning recruitment of former Nazis. We dig into the records to see if the ends justified the means and ask how far the U.S. should go to partner with a former enemy to fight another.

When Eichmann was finally brought to trial, the US government used all available means to protect its West German allies from what he might reveal. According to the declassified documents, the CIA pressured Life magazine into deleting references to Globke in portions of Eichmann’s memoirs that it chose to publish.

In addition to the revelations regarding Eichmann, the documents chronicle the CIA’s creation of “stay-behind” intelligence networks in southwestern Germany and Berlin, labeled “Kibitz” and “Pastime,” respectively. The Kibitz ring involved several former SS members. In the early 1950s, the CIA provided these groups with money, communications equipment and ammunition so that they could serve as intelligence assets in the event of a Soviet invasion of West Germany.

The CIA documents were reviewed by Timothy Naftali, a historian with the National Archives Interagency Working Group, the government body that oversaw their declassification and release.According to an article published by Naftali,the stay-behind program was dissolved “in the wake of public concerns in West Germany about the resurgence of Neo-Nazi Groups.” Specifically, the Kibitz-15 group, led by an “unreconstructed Nazi,” became a potential source of public embarrassment for the US, as its members were broadly involved in Neo-Nazi activity.

A video capture fimed by the Soviets during the fall of Berlin in 1945, showing what is supposedly Hitler's corpse. Finally the body was identified as Gustav Weler (Hitler´s double) who was executed with a gunshot to the forehead. At the end of the Second World War, he was executed by a gunshot to the forehead in an attempt to confuse the Allied troops when Berlin was taken. He was also used "as a decoy for security reasons". When his corpse was discovered in the Reichs Chancellery garden by Soviet troops, it was mistakenly believed to be that of Hitler because of his identical moustache and haircut. The corpse was also photographed and filmed by the Soviets. In fact, Hitler's corpse had already been cremated by that time. One servant from the bunker declared that the dead man was one of Hitler's cooks. He also believed this man "had been assassinated because of his startling likeness to Hitler, while the latter had escaped from the ruins of Berlin". A sensationalist 2006 book by Eric Orion entitled "The Bush Connection", claimed that Otto Skorzeny himself shot Weler.  Weler's body was brought to Moscow for investigations and buried in the yard at Lefortovo prison.

The CIA terminated the program by 1955 and arranged for many of its contacts to be resettled in Canada and Australia. According to the documents, Australia provided funds for relocation while the CIA provided its ex-assets with a “resettlement bonus.”

The CIA employed Gustav Hilger, a former adviser to Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop. As an employee of the German foreign office, Hilger was present at the negotiation of the Stalin-Hitler pact in 1939. The CIA deemed his experience with the USSR sufficiently valuable to free him from incarceration at Fort Meade in Maryland and employ him as an intelligence evaluator in West Germany.

In 1948, Hilger moved to the United States and obtained a position at the CIA’s K Street building in Washington as a researcher and expert on the USSR. Hilger eventually left the CIA to work for the West German foreign office.

One of the two sole remains of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's cbody - a jawbone and a skull - is now said to belong to a woman. RT's Anastasia Churkina investigates the truth behind the death of one of the most infamous men in world history.

According to a paper analyzing the CIA documents published by Robert Wolfe, a former senior archivist at the US National Archives, “it is beyond dispute that Hilger criminally assisted in the genocide of Italy’s Jews.... During the roundup of Italian Jews in late 1943, a note signed ‘Hilger’ recorded Ribbentrop’s concurrence that the Italians be asked to intern the Jews in concentration camps in Northern Italy, in lieu of immediate deportation. The SS intended thereby that the Italian Jews and their potential Italian protectors should believe that internment in Italy was the final destination, rather than eventual deportation to the murder mills in Poland to be immediately murdered or gradually worked to death. The stated purpose of this ruse was to minimize the number of Italian Jews who would go into hiding to avoid deportation to Poland”

In another instance, the CIA employed Tscherim Soobzokov, a former Nazi gendarme and Waffen SS lieutenant, who, according to a paper published by Interagency Working Group Director of Historical Research Richard Breitman, “participated in an execution commando [combat group detailed to executing Jews and Communists en masse] and had searched North Caucasian villages for Jews.”

Soobzokov was employed by the CIA for seven years. Over this period, he repeatedly used his intelligence contacts to avoid investigation by the FBI and the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in regard to his complicity in war crimes.

According to Breitman’s paper, CIA examiners noted that Soobzokov was an “incorrigible fabricator” who repeatedly lied about his past in order to conceal his participation in criminal activity. Nevertheless, the CIA shielded him against investigation, at one point sending the INS a document asserting that Soobzokov had never worked for the Nazis. [3]

Prior to the outbreak of war, a significant section of the American ruling elite had favored cooperation with the Nazis as a European hedge against the spread of Bolshevism. Henry Ford was notorious for his anti-Semitism and his political affinity for German Fascism, and a number of major American companies retained their business ties with the Third Reich. Notably, IBM sold Germany the punch cards that were used to catalog the “final solution.” (See: “How IBM helped the Nazis IBM and the Holocaust”)

However, as one European nation after another fell before Hitler’s onslaught, the threat of German imperialist dominance in Europe spurred the American ruling class to enter the European theater.

Hitler and Stalin cover up the evidence, buried and reburied the body of Hitler revealing death of Hitler's double dental records.

US imperialism mobilized popular support in its war against the Nazi regime by appealing to the democratic and anti-fascist sentiments of the American people. After the defeat of Germany, it organized, together with its World War II allies—Britain, the Soviet Union and France—the Nuremburg trials to prosecute top Nazi officials for their complicity in war crimes.

However, with the start of the Cold War, the United States reversed its policy of identifying, trying and executing prominent Nazi war criminals. As is starkly demonstrated in the case of Eichmann, the knowledge possessed by many of these individuals made trying them inconvenient.

Regardless of its limited prosecution of upper-echelon Nazis, the United States had no qualms about recruiting Nazi Party members and war criminals into its military research apparatus. Prominent German military developers such as Werner Von Braun and Bernhard Tessmann were assimilated into the US rocketry program, while Kurt Blome, a Nazi scientist who experimented on concentration camp prisoners, was employed by the US to develop chemical weapons.

Likewise, the early stages of the Cold War saw high-level Nazi cadres drafted into the US intelligence machine and deployed in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. According to the Department of Justice Office of Special Investigations (OSI), the bureau assigned to investigate German war criminals living within the US, at least 10,000 Nazis entered the US between 1948 and 1952.Of the thousands of German Nazis who fled—or were brought—to the United States, only some 100 have been prosecuted by the OSI.



Hitler's last days

This informative documentary 1. Talks about Hitler's last days -- how his Empire got torn into shreds by the USSR 2. How all the members of the "Master Race" -- like the Goebbels (except their 6 kids who were murdered by their parents), Hans Krebs, Grawitz, Hogl and Grawitz killed themselves

3. And finally, what happened to Hitler's charred corpse


The Antarctica Flying Saucers German Base

WWII - The Antarctica Flying Saucers German Base - Masked in Google Earth - You will see the exact location. According to some rumors, Antarctica continent is the only place in the planet where exist a mine of a natural superconductor unknown metal that is essential to construct the anti gravity devices.

Top secret German expeditions to "NEUSCHWABENLAND"

Top secret German expeditions to "NEUSCHWABENLAND". As landing points, there could have been used two of the three marked landing bays north-west of the "MÜHLIG-HOFFMAN MOUNTAINS" close to 3° W and 70° S. Those were already documented as landing bays by Ritscher Starting the assemblage of the Antarctic base 211. Simultaneously a second secret base is build up on a high plateau in the South American Andes. (Argentina?)
Necessary items for the erection of the bases are continuously transported on submarines. German submarine commanders are highly experienced in the arctic waters due to the need of deliver of material and people to Germany's northern arctic bases and civilian research stations. In fact at
least 20 well documented operations have taken place along the arctic until 1945 by means of these submarines. Some of these operations, especially the later ones, had to be carried out under extreme conditions and with the permanent threat of contact with the enemy. Besides, on their way to the south pole, researchers discovered somewhat like a straight deep submarine trench fitting pretty well for the necessary transportations. The "HANNEBU" series has left the stadium of prototypes and brought up to 19-25 ships in 2 (or even 3) sizes. "HANEBU I" is a small vessel, "HANNEBU II" a more sophisticated, larger one. Some reports even hint at "HANNEBU III", which was designed as a mother ship. If this third type has become reality, there existed only one single ship. So, the overall transport capacities are still very limited, due to a quite small diameter of the disks. Additionally production of ships gets more and more difficult, because the Allied manage to cut of Germany's raw materials more and more. Yet "HANNEBUs" manage to disturb some allied bomber raids over Germany. Note. Every allied bomber pilot in the recent years of the war knows the mysterious threat of the so called "foo-fighters" appearing and vanishing with incredible speed and causing bright-orange light phenomenon's and paroxysmal instrumentation
failures on all electric and magnetic parts of the bombers. In no source a direct attack by these "foe-fighters" is mentioned, they seem to play a completely defensive role on the late air war over Germany. Although the overall effect is minimal and has no more influence on the proceed of the war.
A last convoy of submarine vessels leaves German Harbors with direction Antarctica and Andean areas. It is the overall successful attempt to escape the Allied´s clutches. Among this last convoy there are the U 530 (Captain Otte Wehrmut) and the U977m (Captain Heinz Sch&aumlffer).
In the same way, leading NS-Officials and technical are evacuated from Berlin/Potsdam with the HANEBU fleet heading to the meanwhile completed (?) base 211. The overall transport capacities are quite limited.
Until today more than 100 submarines of the German fleet are missing. Among those are many of the highly technological XXII class equipped with the so-called " Walterschnorchel" a special designed and coated schnorkel enabling submarines in combination with their new developed engines to dive for many thousand miles. A "trip" to the base without recognition becomes pretty possible with this technology. The US Navy tries to destroy the German base which did not surrender at the end of war. The operation is a disaster. The base remains functional at least is parts. More than one year after the surrending of U977 the US NAVY launches the biggest military operation in the Antarctic ice under the command of Admiral Richard E. Byrd. This is the operation "HIGHJUMP", including 13 ships, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 seaplane tenders, 6 two-engined R4D transports and 4000 men stuff. The only official statement on the purpose of such a task force is the need for testing "new material under the extreme Antarctic conditions." The force starts up at the established US bases in the "ROSS SEA", then it moves up the western Antarctic coast heading toward the Northern Antarctic coast, "NEUSCHWABENLAND" and building up a bridgehead on January 27th 1947 somewhere west of it Officially the expedition is a big success because it delivers many new facts of the use of military equipment under extreme conditions

Kriegsmarine disappeared after the war

More info about Viktor Schauberger & UFO's of Nazi Germany on Make A history

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