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Will Bankruptcy Venue BILL Bankrupt Delaware?

By Aaron Kesel

This reporter has been doing an ongoing series about Wall Street frauds aided & abetted by federal corruption; which includes issues of Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital partnerships in “Bankruptcy Rings” spearheaded by crooked attorney at law, Paul Traub (see herehere and here).

Due to a sudden illness, our story on judicial corruption benefiting Sachs & Romney’s “Bankruptcy Rings” has been delayed (coming real soon). It looks like the delay is somewhat fortuitous, because Senators Elizabeth Warren and John Cornyn introduced a Bill of Law S.2282, on Monday, January 8, 2018 that seeks to close a loophole some say has fostered corruption.

The ultimate question is does President Trump care what goes on in Delaware?

Will Donald the Great (Destroyer) quash the loophole? If the loophole is closed, Delaware law firms will likely lose a billion dollars a year in fees. However, the more important question is, will the senators’ Bankruptcy Forum Bill cause Delaware to lose its corporate dominance; subsequently, as a result, could this cause Delaware to go bankrupt?

Our series on Wall Street fraud, protected by corruption, comes from

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